Rental Buildings/Strata

kitchen and cabinet makeovers and upgrades for rental buildings in Vancouver

For over 13 years  Cabinet Makeovers  has been working with operators and owners of rental buildings in the Greater Vancouver, Lower Mainland area to help them update the looks of their kitchens and increase the value of their properties.

Some of these clients have done hundreds of kitchen and cabinet makeovers on their buildings because they know that a cleaner, more modern kitchen could be the difference between a rented unit and a unit that sits empty. Additionally, a unit with a more modern and updated kitchen can demand a higher rental fee.


Smart renovations don’t cost – they pay in the way of a better, happier and long-term tenant.


Every landlord wants his or her building filled with good tenants that pay their rent on time and that don’t damage their property.  To attract this type of renter you need a unit that they can call “home” – and a cabinet makeover is a part of that solution.

After a makeover the cabinets will appear as new with:

  • Modern-style doors
  • Scrubbable PVC finish
  • Euro-Pean concealed hinges
  • New handles and knobs


Cabinet Makeovers  also understands that as a property owner or manager you need suites that can be turned around fast and be back on the market. We will get the kitchen and cabinet makeover on your rental building in Vancouver or the Lower Mainland completed in the timeline that is required and we guarantee our work for 5 years.

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