Cabinet Makeover – Right For My Kitchen?



There are a lot of questions that you may have, when thinking about doing a cabinet makeover.  In the almost two decades of helping people transform their kitchen we have found that these seven questions are the most often asked when deciding whether to refurbish a kitchen’s cabinetry, or completely renovate the kitchen.

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Are my cabinets even worth saving?

90% of people’s existing cabinetry is fine.  What most people often forget is that the doors and hinges will actually be discarded.  The only part that will be re-used are the boxes, or frames.  If we find the material and frames are in good order, a cabinet makeover is all that you require. And, since we guarantee our doors for 5 years, we would never recommend a cabinet to be refurbished if it was not structurally sound.


Will the new concealed hinges work on my cabinets?

We have concealed hinges for all types of cabinets – including yours!


Are the cabinets hard to keep clean?

Each PVC cabinet door has a special “no stick” coating making them very easy to wipe down and keep clean and fresh looking.


How much does a cabinet makeover save over the cost of a new kitchen?

You will easily save half the cost!  And, you can also save the cost of new counter tops – since only the doors and hinges are removed during our process.


What should we do with our counter top?

As mentioned above, you can leave your existing counters, or if you seek a laminate or granite top we can refer you to people that we trust and have worked with in the industry.


Aren’t white, or cream, kitchens going out of style?

No, it’s quite the opposite actually.  White and cream are always in style because they make a kitchen look clean.  They also brighten a kitchen considerably.  A lot of kitchens have poor natural lighting (whether this is because of small windows, or matured landscaping that is blocking the light, or because the kitchen faces north), making your kitchen seem more like a cave than a place where you want to prep and enjoy your meals.  A white, or cream kitchen will light up the room and make your kitchen enjoyable to be in again.


We don’t really want to spend money on this house, because we may sell it in the next few years. Are cabinet makeovers really necessary?

Any good realtor will tell you that money spent on updating your kitchen is money spent wisely.  It has been proven that prospective homeowners will pay more for a clean, bright and modern-looking kitchen.


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