Do-It-Yourself Kits

Do it Yourself Collage

Here’s What YOU Do:

    1. Remove existing doors and drawers from cabinet frames.
    2. Remove all necessary hardware from cabinets.
    3.  Apply acid wash to exterior of cabinet frames to remove grease, grime, and food debris. The acid wash will etch the surface of the cabinet frames for the coating process.
    4. Repair all abrasions and sand smooth.
    5. Apply 2 coats of primer to exterior and interior of cabinet frames.
    6. Apply 2 coats of finish colour acrylic resin topcoat to match colour of the doors and drawers.

Here’s What WE Do:

    1. Attach hinges to cabinet frames.
    2. Attach new door style to cabinet frames.
    3. Attach new drawer fronts and sliders, if applicable.
    4. Mount new knobs, pulls and handles.
    5. Install any extra accessories and do any minor adjustments to door hinges and drawers.

We take the fear out of refurbishing your kitchen by yourself and help save YOU money!


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