In-Home Consultation

Jack's Kitchen


There are two ways to receive a quote for your cabinet makeover job.  First, you can fill out our  Cabinet Makeover questionnaire  and then  email us  complete photos of your kitchen.

Second, you can call us at 604-943-3825 or  email us  to book an In-Home Consultation.

When you book an In-Home Consultation with Cabinet Makeovers you can be assured that you have booked with a professional organization who prides itself in being the best at cabinet makeovers.

We bring with us 17 years of experience, which makes us the leaders at what we do.  We also know what is currently available on the market and what the current and upcoming trends are.

During our In-Home Consultation we will not only provide you with a quote for the job requested, we will also:

  • Listen to you and what your wants and needs are for your kitchen
  • Recommend what would look the best for your kitchen
  • Give you workable ideas that will produce the most bang for your dollar
  • Provide suggestions to make your kitchen both beautiful AND functional


Email us  today and let us help you design the kitchen of your dreams.